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  • Tracy Wang

新藝術主義:藍色教堂 / Art Nouveau : Blue Church


來由回朔到13世紀初,匈牙利Endre二世的女兒Elizabeth誕生於1207年,她是當時這個城市的唯一聖者,直到700年後在1913年來自布達佩斯的建築師Edmund Lechner被任命建立這座教堂紀念Elizabeth,因此被稱之為St Elizabeth Church。現在是布拉斯迪拉發的一個重要景點,幸運的話,在週六可能遇到新人在舉辦婚禮哦。


Like from a fairy-tale, this church painted by the sky blue color is located in the capital of Slovakia : Bratislava. It is the most appealing Art Nouveau building.

According to the legend back to 13th, the daughter of Endre II of Hungary, Elizabeth, was born in Bratislava in 1207 and was the city’s only well-known saint. On the 700th anniversary of Elizabeth’s birth, the Hungarian Architect Edmund Lechner was commissioned to design this church in her honor. It is therefore officially called St Elizabeth Church. It became one of the tourist attractions nowadays. You might fortunately encounter a beautiful wedding on Saturday.

If you have been to Brussels in Belgium, a model of the blue church in Mini-Europe near Atomium, representing Slovakia. As if one day there is a Mini-Asia, a model of Taipei 101 will be represented Taiwan.

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