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  • Tracy Wang

法式浪漫:我愛妳 / French Romance : Je t’aime


我愛你在法文(Je t’aime)裡又顯得更浪漫了,對於法國人來說,這個字有點過於沈重,不像台灣情侶把我愛妳你愛我放在嘴邊,但如果他們喜歡一個人,法國人會這樣說:

Je t’aime bien / Je t’apprecie bien : 我喜歡妳

(在 Je t’aime 後面加上bien就從我愛妳變成我喜歡妳,有種深深的喜歡但還不到愛的感覺)

Je t’aime beaucoup : 我非常喜歡妳

Je t’aime comme une amie / Je t’aime en tant qu’amie : 我喜歡妳但像朋友一樣


Ride a bike along the Seine River with a bouquet of rose in one hand and feel of a warm breeze across our face. The consistent music lingers around our ears is the street artist plays the violin. The Seine River divides Paris into two distinct areas, and the significant Effie Tower just on the right. The whole atmosphere drifts you into this French romantic reverie even if we close our eyes.

I love you in French (Je t’aime) is more romantic than the others. However, this word is unexpressible heavy to say it loud from French people, unlike Taiwanese couples repeat “I love you” from time to time. What if they like you, they will say so :

Je t’aime bien / Je t’apprecie bien : I like you

( I lover you become I like you by adding “bien” after “Je t’aime”. It is a feel of heavy like but hasn’t reaches love level.)

Je t’aime bien beaucoup : I really like you

Je t’aime comme une amie / Je t’aime en tant qu’aime : I like you as friend.

French is a such interesting and romantic language !


Words by Tracy Wang

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