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  • Dylan Tang

旅英插畫家 Shawn Chang, An Illustrator

經過時間的淬煉,來自臺灣的插畫家 Shawn 展現的作品有著歷練過的痕跡;旅英期間的Shawn 經歷過他人生中最低迷的時刻,因為家人與身旁朋友的陪伴 Shawn 走出低潮並起將故事收集下來轉換成創作的動力;Shawn 的每一道筆觸,都是來自內心最真實的感受、每一個創作,都是來自人生裡最動人的故事。

Shawn, a Taiwanese illustrator, his works have pure beauty in every pieces.

When he was in England, he through an uneasy time in his life. However, He got support from his family and friends. Therefore, he turned his sorrow on his pencil, he started create more works by his feeling. When you look at his illustration, you can feel what he felt and his stories.

Image by Shawn Chang Illustration

Words: Dylan Tang

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