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  • Dylan Tang

搖滾詩人 法蘭克透納 x 臺客雜誌 / Frank Turner x TAIKER Magazine

活躍於英國搖滾樂十六年的搖滾詩人- 法蘭克透納;將在新一期的臺客雜誌擔任封面人物以及揭露獨家專訪。



(Photographed by Ben Morse)

Frank Turner, a bard of rock music.

TAIKER Magazine is pleasure to announce, Frank Turner is on our cover page also TAIKER has an interview with this amazing musician.

He said, 'I live out of a suitcase, I work as an entertainer, I play music and travel, and I love it.'

More details of Frank Turner's interview, please check TAIKER issue 01 'Modern Life is Rubbish'

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