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  • Dylan Tang

倫敦新靈魂/ New Soul in London


總是給人驚喜的倫敦,在2015年又孕育出一個全新的樂團 INNUENDO (影射樂團. 暫譯)這個樂團的表演不像往常樂團編制般的樂器組合,取而代之的是,在音樂表現上,他們用了更多純粹的聲音來表現自己的靈魂。

四月七日在 SoundCloud 上線的新單曲 《Therapy》歌聲中精彩的表現,宛如艾美・懷斯 (Amy Winehouse) 再度復活唱歌一樣給人驚喜!


When London wants to surprise you, you will never know when will it happen.

INNUENDO, founded in London, 2015. This band is not like a usual band has a guitar, bass, and drum. In fact, this band focus on their images of voice. Their performances are fully alive and attractive. People will not ignore them if they are performing. Their first single ‘Therapy’ released on SoundCloud on 7th April. In this track, you will stunning and breathtaking. Because this song has magic, jus like if Amy Winehouse singing for us again. That phenomenal!

Photo from INNUENDO’s Facebook page

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