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  • Dylan Tang

Shawn Chang 遺忘之城/ Abandoned City


在英國的經歷,造就了這個遺忘建築的系列作品。 每個物品、每件事物,都需要經過時間的淬煉,因為每件事情,只要有歲月的痕跡,都比光鮮亮麗的全新物品來得有價值。這就是為什麼人們著迷於七零年代的音樂、時尚以及藝術。 所有人們屏棄的東西,社會認知毫無價值的事物,都是我急於奔命搜集的寶物;這也是我喜歡用二手的底片相機來記錄我的生活。

最後,我想表達的是 ‘讓我們以舊的歲月造就新的時光’


‘Abandoned City’

‘These are few of my collections of UK abandoned building for one of my project, Déjà vu. Old things are extremely much more beautiful than new ones, That's why people start loving vintages, pop art, 70s music, or any kinda old fashion. So do I, I love exploring in the ruin, collecting junks that people'd like to throw them away, and using second hand film camera to record my life.

I'd like to say, 'let's make old new.' Cheers, mate.

Image by Shawn Chang Illustration


Words: Shawn Chang (English), Dylan Tang (Chinese)

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