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  • Dylan Tang

Shawn Chang 家庭/ Family

這幅家庭畫是第十八代 (我的曾祖父母)到第二十二代 (Titi)我則是其中的第二十一世代。 很簡單,你可以看出這三、四個世代活在一個屋頂下、我們的文化之下;這其實很有趣,對我來說張姓家族的歷史,因為這個幅畫的開端,讓我對家族的歷史激發出研究下去的動力。

Just drew my family from 18th generation (my great grandparents) to the youngest one, 22nd generation (Titi‘s). (me is 21st) It's easy to see 3-4 generations live under a roof in our culture, and it's interesting to keep doing some more research, digging deeper of my Chang's family.

Illustration : Shawn Chang Illustration Words: Shawn (English) , Dylan (Traditional Chinese)


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